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5 Important Things That Every First Time Senior Living Resident Should Know

When transitioning into a senior living setting for the very first time, there are some things that a resident should keep in mind to help make that transition a smooth and easy one. Making living transitions can be both exciting and yet challenging, but for many seniors the idea of a community setting rather than living alone or with family members is a perfect step. There are advantages to a living community we at Holland Farms can tell you about and ways to make transitions smooth.  Here are a few tips to help new residents settle into their carefree senior living in Norwalk. 

#1.) Know the Staff

There are more than just the other residents to get to know when you move into community living. Staff at your residential community will also be part of your daily life, so you want to be certain you get to know them. You will want to know who they are and what their primary jobs entail. You never know when you may need some assistance that can be provided by staff, so you will want to always care about them and be friendly to them. Many residential communities have a full-service staff. 

For instance, at Holland Farms, a carefree senior living community in Norwalk, some of the professionals who are available to assist residents are nurses, dietary aides, maintenance workers, life coaches and activity planners. There are individuals on staff to help with most any need and activity, so if you become familiar with them you may find what you need or want when you need it much more easily. The staff in your community are there to help make your living environment and situation the best it can be, so they will also want to know you. 

#2.) Get Involved

As with anything you are participating in, you will gain more if you get involved. Additionally, since isolation in senior adults is one of the major causes of depression, involvement in activities at the residential center makes even more sense. Living close to neighbors helps fight the feelings of isolation, so you want to get to know your neighbors as soon as you can once you move into a community living situation. 

To help residents get involved, Holland Farms provides a full monthly calendar of opportunities. The calendar provides many chances for residents to become active in their areas of interest while getting to know others at the residence. Going to these activities will also help you find individuals who enjoy or are interested in some of the same things as you.

A group of senior living residents participate in an outdoor yoga class

#3.) Introduce Your Family to Others

One way to get to know people is to become familiar with their loved ones, and you can help others get to know you better by introducing your family to them. If your family lives close, maybe they can come to some of the activities or join you for a meal in the dining room at the residence. Holland Farms has gorgeous dining rooms, a bistro and even a pub where you could invite guests to meet your neighbors. 

In addition, they have several community rooms for activities. These are all chances to bring neighbors and family together to meet. If your family does not live close, you could take time to share photographs of your family with your neighbors and tell stories about them. This allows your neighbors to know more about you. You will also want to ask about their family and listen to their stories.

#4.) Be a Good Neighbor

There are many ways to make sure you get along with your new neighbors, such as following all of the rules in your new community. You will want to be careful of loud noises, such as the television or music you may be playing that could be disruptive to those living close around you. Also, you will want to be sure you keep any common areas clean that you may be using since others may want to use them soon after you do. 

Sometimes partnerships can be started, so maybe if you know how to make something interesting, like by knitting or painting, you could consider sharing or trading items for your new home, or even teaching your neighbors how to do something they’d enjoy learning. There are many ways to help make sure your neighbors are glad you live near them. You want to be the type of person you like to live near you. Very often, good neighbors become good friends. 

#5.) Welcome the Next Newcomer

Once you are settled in your new community, remember how it felt to be new and welcome the next person when they come. Be sure to introduce yourself to new residents. One fun way to help new people out is to give them a tour of the areas in the community that are your favorite spots and tell them why. You could also invite them for tea or coffee to visit. You may find out some things about them that make you even more able to help them with their transition to their new home and all it has to offer.  All these friendly ways to reach out could help them become more accustomed to their new place, while they also get to know you, a neighbor!

Carefree Senior Living in Norwalk

Senior living is a new way of life for many, and it is only natural there might be some initial apprehension. However, paying attention to ways that help your transition could lessen that and make you comfortable quickly in your new home. New residents should always take advantage of all the amenities and activities their community has to offer to help them acclimate. 

If you would like to schedule a visit to see all Holland Farms has to offer, please contact us today! We are always happy to set up a time to show you our living community to make sure it is the right transition for you.