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6 Great Nutritional & Dining Benefits of Being an Assisted Living Resident

The numerous benefits for assisted living residents are diverse and many involve nutritional and dining advantages that enhance the daily life of all who live there. When considering a Norwalk assisted living community, you will want to consider Holland Farms which is the newest carefree living residence available. 

Senior adults today are more active and must be concerned with proper nutrition and practices to maintain their physical and mental health. 

Let’s look at some ways that taking advantage of a nutrition plan at your assisted living residence can benefit all aspects of your health in the long run:

#1) Engage in community

Many senior adults grew up in a time when people always sat down to meals together, now if they find themselves alone for meals it can feel very different for them. Meal time can make them feel extremely alone, more so than it does for younger generations who may have done so more often growing up.

Seniors who share meals with others are more likely to feel they belong. They can have conversations, make friends and remember times past. In addition, they are more apt to make plans for activities throughout the day that will keep them more active and healthy. According to Elder Care Alliance, dining in a group setting promotes the needed sense of community and belonging that boosts happiness, fosters a sense of security, and alleviates depression. 

With gorgeous restaurant-style dining rooms, a bistro area for casual dining, and even a pub, Holland Farms has everything our residents need for community dining opportunities. Your greatest benefit for making friends and taking full advantage of visiting opportunities is the wonderful meal package plans at Holland Farms! 

#2) Support immune system

When any person fixes meals alone, it is difficult to maintain truly healthy and full menus. It is also easy to skip meals and snack instead, but that is not a good option for older adults who need to keep consistent intakes of nutrients and needed calories. 

Continuing to eat healthy boosts your body’s immune system in ways that pills and supplements cannot match. With proper nutrition, the body’s fighting power against viruses and bacteria increases, as well as proper gut health. A poor diet can lead to inflammation which is painful. According to WebMD, it can also lead to increased risk of falling, slower recovery times for illness or injury, depression, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

The issues can be endless, which is why Holland Farms employs a full staff of professionals, including a Dining Service Manager with extensive dietary management experience. 

#3) Improve mood

Eating regular, balanced meals can improve your mood. Proper nutrition and three meals a day can stabilize your blood sugar and keep your overall mood positive. 

Having a professional staff plan your meals, and eating regularly, ensures your intake comes at intervals to maintain your needs and is crucial to your health. Lowering processed sugar and caffeine intake, as well as being sure you have enough protein, is important. You also must be certain to take in enough vitamin D in the winter and the right type of carbohydrates. 

Since the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 7 million Americans over the age of 65 experience depression each year, it is critical to take preventative steps that fight it. 

#4) Strengthen memory

Age and stress have always seemed to lead to memory loss and trouble remembering the simplest of things. Forgetfulness is an issue of concern, so ensuring food intake that can help is a benefit. 

Meals packed with a variety of the B vitamins and folic acid are known to help reduce levels of homocysteine, which have been linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. 

In addition, eating leafy green vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids supports brain health and strengthens the memory. All of these benefits can be provided through the direction of a dietary expert, such as that at Holland Farms.

#5) Maintain healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight assists in avoiding many different diseases and disorders. Your physical and mental health are improved by your being able to get around easily and even exercise if you are able to do so. 

Holland Farms offers a wide variety of activities to participate in for exercise or community engagement, which can help your overall physical and mental health. Check out our calendar of activities for an idea of what they have to offer. We believe healthy aging can be embraced and offer a robust activity program for our residents to enjoy their daily lives. 

Chef cooking healthy meals at Norwalk assisted living community

#6) Enjoy variety of food options

One of the best ways to ensure you eat healthy meals every day is to allow us to cook for you! We will provide a variety of meals that are planned by our dietary experts to meet your overall health needs and maintain the utmost standards. Our desire is to ensure you are healthy and happy. At Holland Farms we nurture whole-person wellness.

Norwalk assisted living community at Holland Farms can provide not only healthy but delicious meals and save you the need to have to cook and clean in your apartment. You can just enjoy your meals with your friends, visit, make plans for the rest of day, and enjoy your time. Our meal packages are a wonderful benefit for you. Let us leave you with no fuss!


Whether you are already a resident at Holland Farms and need to add a meal package to take full advantage of all we have to offer, or you are looking for a Norwalk assisted living community to call home, we would be happy to answer any questions you have because we are the home where  you can age in place and in style
Contact us at Holland Farms for a tour or to find out more information. We would love to provide you with all the information you need to make your decision. Experience Holland Farms for yourself!