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How is Spending Time Outdoors Beneficial to Memory Care Residents?

Nature benefits seniors in many ways, and finding memory care in Norwalk with easy access to the beauty of the outdoors can boost the advantages of any residential community. Some studies have shown 15-20% improvement in attention span and memory for some residents after spending an hour a day outdoors. 

However, there are many benefits that lead to health and happiness when considering memory care residents and their being outside on a regular basis. Some communities have outdoor areas available for their residents. Holland Farms is one such community with lovely grounds to explore. Let’s look at some of the benefits that can be discovered while enjoying time outside. 

Strengthened Immunity

Your immunity strengthens for many reasons when you breathe in fresh air. A few of the reasons are it cleans your lungs, strengthens your digestive system, and improves your blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, your body produces vitamin D through the sunshine on your skin, which helps you fight off bacterial and viral illnesses, such as colds. Then, walking through nature and inhaling phytoncides from plants and trees multiplies your white blood cells.

All of these boosts in immunity help fight off illness and increase the speed of healing. Just think, all of these health benefits from time outdoors. Our Holland Farm memory care residents have a secured courtyard with raised-bed gardens to increase their enjoyment of time outdoors resulting in more health benefits. We want to ensure they have a safe environment while still providing them with the best and most enjoyable benefits the outdoors has to offer. 


Since natural environments are calming, and there are numerous studies by the National Institute of Health and other organizations that discuss the positive effects of grounding or earthing on inflammation, the immune system, and healing, the more time residents can spend on the Earth and with their hands in the dirt or on plants, the better. From a practical standpoint, these are easy ways to relax and increase health at the same time. 

Also, being outside in natural light during the daytime can normalize a person’s sleep schedule and assist in deeper rest during the night. A more restful night also helps increase immunity and health. The more a person can relax, the more clearly their brain can function.

Mood Boost

Time in natural settings relieves depression in most people. Many people become depressed in fall and winter when there is less sunlight, suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and spending time in nature can help alleviate this feeling as well since it produces serotonin. Being outdoors also lowers stress by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Nature, amazingly, stabilizes the prefrontal cortex allowing people to feel happier. 

The American Psychological Association’s research states our brains can be “nurtured by nature.”  Time in nature is crucial for feelings of joy and contentment. These are reasons the outdoor areas at Holland Farms are so important for our residents. 

A happy senior couple going for a walk outdoors near the memory care in Norwalk

Focus and Memory

The cognitive benefit to engaging in nature is great. Nature stimulates brain function by enhancing memory, restoring attention, relieving stress, and producing beneficial reductions in heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. Current research has shown even green spaces by schools or urban areas increased their residents’ cognitive abilities. A simple walk in nature can lead to all of these benefits, and the memory care specialists at Holland Farms are there to provide the best benefits for their residents. 

In the journal Science Advances, Gregory Bratman, PhD, an assistant professor at the University of Washington, shared evidence that contact with nature isn’t only associated with cognitive improvement but also positive social interactions and a sense of meaning and purpose in life, as well as a decrease in mental distress.

Energy Level

Fatigue fades after being in nature, and the courtyards at Holland Farm are there for residents to enjoy. Being in nature provides vitality; it makes us feel more alive. There’s something about nature that renews our energy, allowing us to feel better and to think more clearly. Even viewing scenes of nature and animals has been known to evoke awe and wonder and provide people with more energy in their lives. The setting in which you live is important to you, and if you’re looking for a community, you should take a virtual tour and see if ours doesn’t look like it would energize you! 

Outdoor Activities

There are many activities to join outdoors at our memory care in Norwalk, and it can be exciting to find those that interest you. Since there are all levels of abilities in our residents, we offer numerous opportunities when we set up activities outdoors. The restorative effects of nature cannot be ignored, so we want to use them to our advantage whenever we can. 

What types of activities can work for you? Holland Farms offers a full calendar of events that include several outdoor events. You will find a calendar for Assisted Living residents and one for Memory Care residents. You will find activities for Memory Care, such as Water and Chat, Fit Fun, Tulip Time, and Morning Walk Courtyard. Time outdoors fills time, brings socialization, and benefits health. 

Get Outdoors at the Best Memory Care in Norwalk

As you consider the benefits of spending time outdoors for your health and happiness, we invite you to look at memory care advantages available at our community. Holland Farms offers many options for activities outside and beautiful areas in which to spend your time. Click here and scroll down to glance at the photos of the best memory care in Norwalk. You will see the lovely spaces where you can spend time outdoors to both relax and energize, to enjoy time and increase your health. 

We are waiting to schedule a tour of Holland Farms for you. Reach out with any questions you may have, so we can provide any information you need as you consider this important decision. Our team members are waiting to show you how we can help make Holland Farms your next home!