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Respite Stays are Now Available at Holland Farms

Holland Farms Senior Living and Memory Care in Norwalk, IA, is proud to offer respite stays for seniors, providing individuals with a short-term, non-permanent stay option ranging from a few days to a few weeks or even a few months. Respite stays are a flexible and beneficial choice for a variety of situations. Both assisted living and memory care residents (and their families) can benefit greatly from respite stays.

Why Choose a Respite Stay?

We see three major benefits for a respite stay at Holland Farms.

The first is the relief and peace of mind a respite stay can offer to family caregivers: Respite stays are an ideal option for seniors with memory loss whose family members are their primary caregivers but may need to take a break due to work or other family commitments, travel, or for other personal reasons, such as needing a break from providing care. Knowing that your loved one with memory loss has a safe and secure place to stay under the care of trained professionals is invaluable. For those without memory loss who may still require a little help with bathing, dressing or simply need assistance on standby to ensure they are safe, families still gain peace of mind knowing their loved one is being looked after during their stay and quick help is available in case of emergencies.

The second benefit offered by a respite stay is to use this type of stay as a bridge following a medical procedure and before a return home. Often, the recovery period following a procedure such as a hip or knee replacement, or other surgery is best spent under the watchful care of professionals. At communities like Holland Farms, we can help by providing for care needs such as assisting with bathing or showering, giving medications, and we even offer in-house PT and OT services as well as the ability to bring your own provider in-house to use our space if needed, eliminating the need to go off-site for these services.

The third benefit is the opportunity to try assisted living or memory care before committing long-term. For those thinking about a permanent move to senior living, a respite stay offers a wonderful opportunity to dip your toe in the water. Residents can experience life as a resident of our community and families or caregivers can witness whether Holland Farms is a good fit – it’s win/win scenario.

What to Expect During a Respite Stay.

A homelike community

All short-term guests at Holland Farms enjoy the comfort of our welcoming and warm communities purposefully designed to make those with memory loss feel at home.

Personalized attention from an expertly trained team

Our dedicated staff is committed to ensuring that each individual’s needs are met. From assistance with daily tasks to engaging in life-enriching activities and outings, we prioritize personalized care.

Affordable pricing

The cost of a respite stay at Holland Farms can vary depending on the length of stay and specific care required. On average, it ranges from $175-$275 per 24-hour period, based on an individual’s needs. One price includes delicious meals, snacks, and a variety of activities and the opportunity to go on outings outside the community. Additional costs may apply for enhanced care or transportation to appointments.

Flexible accommodation options

During a respite stay, residents can enjoy a furnished apartment provided by our community. For longer stays, participants have the option to bring their own furniture, making it a comfortable and personalized experience. We’ll even move it in for you!

Ready to Explore a Respite Stay?

If you’re considering a respite stay at Holland Farms for your loved one, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about this opportunity. Our team is ready to answer your questions, discuss availability, and provide additional details on how a respite stay can benefit your family member. Take a break, experience exceptional care, and discover a welcoming community at Holland Farms Senior Living and Memory Care in Norwalk.