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Keep Your Memory Sharp With These 5 Fun Brain Boosting Activities

Most of us consider the need for physical activity to remain healthy as long as we can do so. However, we should put as much thought into keeping our brain active and healthy. The National Institute of Health indicates that brain games can help maintain and even strengthen memory, reasoning and speed of processing ideas and information. Games can increase critical thinking skills and speed up response time for other activities. 

Keeping mentally active through games is a wonderful strategy for seniors, and memory care services in Norwalk can help you with this endeavor. Holland Farms is a beautiful community living residence that can help provide the needs of its residents. 

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Research indicates that playing games can help residents feel more positive and also provide a break from stress or anxiety. Since these lead to other health issues, avoiding them is crucial to overall good health. Games that include word puzzles or math problems provide the mental thinking needed to benefit your brain. Even jigsaw puzzles help improve visual-spatial reasoning, short-term memory and problem-solving skills, all of which help combat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These are long-lasting positive effects from fun game days. 

5 Brain-Boosting Activities to Try

Brain-boosting exercises can be games that are fun for all. Here are some ideas to get your brain moving:

#1.) Play Trivia 

Trivia games or activities stimulate the mind and memory of those participating. These are games generally played with others, and they can usually even be played with teams, so they are great opportunities for social interactions. Trivia exercises are excellent ways to exercise your mind by stimulating different brain memory functions. 

#2.) Try Scrabble 

Scrabble is another wonderful game for exercising your memory and word skills, as well as math skills as you keep score, while continuing to build vocabulary. There is a feeling of control as you build your score using word development. Being able to control these outcomes helps maintain a sense of accomplishment. While this game isn’t for large groups, it is played with at least two people, so it is another social activity.

#3.) Don’t Skip Bingo 

Bingo is a fun game to play in a group, even a very large group. It encourages social interaction and quick thinking as you maintain your Bingo card. Playing Bingo encourages the use of many sense-skills. Those playing have to listen for the numbers to be called, find the numbers on their cards, and touch when marking the numbers or covering them with pieces after they are called during the game. Playing games with others provides the benefit of companionship and helps prevent feelings of isolation. 

#4.) Classic Checkers or Chess 

Checkers and chess are games that can be played with another person, adding to ways to make friends and continue friendships. Checkers is an easy to learn game that uses logic and hand-eye coordination. Chess is a more complex game of strategy that strengthens reasoning and problem solving skills. Since chess is more complicated it uses brain functions and focus, sharpening your thinking skills. These games can help prevent age-related mental decline.

#5.) Challenge Yourself with Crossword Puzzles 

Crossword puzzles are found in books full of them, in newspapers, and online, and they are a great way to challenge your mind during times you are alone or want to relax in a quiet environment. Crossword puzzles rely on your memory and knowledge and can be a fun challenge. Challenging your mind is a way to make new brain connections. If you don’t want to just play alone, there is no reason a group couldn’t work on a crossword puzzle together, combining the knowledge of the group for success.

Two happy senior women play a board game while sitting at a kitchen table

Sharpen Your Memory and Stay Social

Whether you are playing your games at home or in a community setting, keeping your memory and brain activities sharp is critical to overall health as you age. Mental sharpness has been shown to delay the evolution of or lessen the effects of major diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Memory care services in Norwalk can help you find the right fit for a residential community where you can have fun while enjoying your life in a setting with others. 

The National Institute on Aging says that nearly 13.8 million senior adults live alone and, although they agree that independence is important, the Institute stresses the importance of socialization for seniors. Research suggests 43% of seniors experience regular feelings of loneliness. They state that seniors should be proactive in maintaining engagement throughout the day, and games are a valuable way to do this. 

Since the health risks of isolation for seniors include cardiac failure, hypertension, depression and even increased chances of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, the National Academy of Science stresses senior individuals should increase their time socializing with others. Socialization has been shown to vastly improve mental health in seniors. 

Holland Farms’ Memory Care Services in Norwalk

Holland Farms offers memory care services in Norwalk, and we would love to show you what we have to offer our residents. One of our services is regular activities to support families and the community of residents. In addition, we offer a wide range of amenities including community rooms where you can meet friends and play games to enjoy one another’s company and keep your brain sharp. 

Holland Farms understands the value of activity and games, including a monthly calendar of events. You will notice puzzle tables, bingo, card games and more. Our professional staff is always working to have a full range of activities to nurture the whole person. We look at four dimensions to treating residents: social, spiritual, intellectual and physical. All aspects are considered when working with each individual. 

If you would like to take a virtual tour or our residential living areas, our website has a beautiful gallery you can check out. enjoy seeing what we have to offer, as well as the layout of the room options we provide. While there, you can also access more information such as get details about our apartments and the floor plans that are available. 

If you would like more information from Holland Farms or to schedule an in-person tour, please contact us today! We would be delighted to have you visit!