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What is Respite Care and How Can It Benefit Seniors?

No matter how much we love the older adults in our families, being the primary caregiver for them can be a huge responsibility – physically, emotionally and economically. You may be experiencing stress, exhaustion and your own illnesses as a result of the time and energy you are spending caring for others. 

According to AARP, 53 million Americans provide unpaid care for someone over the age of 50. With that in mind, you can see the importance of having available relief for the providers. 

The thing is, you must remember that you can only provide for loved ones if you maintain your own health and well-being. Success as a personal caregiver, even though it may be for those you love most, begins with your own physical and mental well-being.

If you are looking for Norwalk short term stay possibilities for your loved ones, so you can have a much-needed break, look into how Holland Farms can help!

What is respite care?

The National Institute on Aging explains that respite care is short-term care provided in order to give relief to primary caregivers. You may find yourself in need of this in order to take a vacation, take care of other responsibilities that have arisen, or simply just to take a break and revive yourself. 

Respite care can fill in the gaps when you, as a full-time caregiver, are not available. There are a variety of ways respite care can be provided to your loved ones, such as with someone coming into your home or using an adult day care or longer-term care option. 

With a variety of living options, we at Holland Farms can help with the Norwalk short term stay your loved one needs, and our professional staff will make certain your loved ones receive all the care and attention they need. We are ready to meet your needs!

How can respite care benefit caregivers and seniors?

Even though respite care is for the senior adults in your life, it can be beneficial for families and caregivers as well! 

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Benefits for Caregivers

#1.) You get peace of mind: 

With a good respite care community, you are able to rest in the assurance your loved ones are receiving all the care they need. When you are the primary caregiver, your mind is always on alert to the needs and issues that arise for your loved ones. Being able to turn that concern over to professional staff allows you to feel at ease as you take care of other business or relax from the daily stresses that come with full-time care. 

#2.) You get to relax: 

When caring for others, there is often no time for you to relax. Knowing your loved ones are in capable hands frees up that stress and lets you do something for yourself. 

#3.) You get social interaction: 

Oftentimes the amount of time required to care for loved ones leaves you with no chance for activities and time with your own friends. Freeing up your time with respite care for loved ones gives you the opportunity to engage with those who you’ve been unable to spend time with due to your commitments. 

#4.) You get to revitalize yourself: 

Whether you take a vacation or just spend time in other ways, utilizing respite care gives you the chance to break from the worries associated with being a primary caregiver to energize yourself in whatever way best suits your needs. Time to re-charge is a critical part of being a caregiver, and respite care can allow you to do so without feeling the restrictions of your obligations. You can rediscover parts of yourself that have been put aside due to your commitments, with the opportunity to participate in hobbies or other activities you left behind to care for your loved ones.

Benefits for Seniors

Now let’s take a look at some of the ways respite care benefits older adults:

#1.) They get a change of pace: 

In the same ways that your life as a caregiver can become monotonous, the life of your loved ones may also begin to feel stagnant seeing the same people and places each and every day. Respite care with a community can provide many activities and experiences that may recharge them in the same way the break does for you. Looking at our calendars of activities can give you an idea of the many opportunities that await your loved ones.

#2.) They get to meet new people: 

Being part of a community has great advantages, and one of those is the opportunity to interact with others. Respite care at our residence allows your loved ones the chance to mingle with others during activities, dining, and more, if they are able to do so. It is a wonderful chance to meet new caregivers and strike up friendships with residents.

#3.) They (and you) can try out community residential living: 

You all get to try out all the excellent opportunities in a particular residence. They will meet people, experience the activities, and have the chance to find out if a longer-term arrangement might be something desired for the future. 

Holland Farms Offers Norwalk Short Term Stay Opportunities

If you are a primary caregiver for loved ones, you should consider the benefits of respite care. Although many health insurances do not cover the costs, Medicare does have some options for short-term care relief that you may want to consider taking advantage of in order to receive the break you need.

Assisted-living residences like us at Holland Farms can provide the best care with our round-the-clock staff to meet the needs of your loved ones. 

To take a virtual tour of our residence, or to schedule an in-person look at our community, contact us today! We would be happy to help you discover more about our community and how we can meet your needs and those of your loved ones. 

We at Holland Farms are ready to help you receive the respite care needed to keep you going as a full-time caregiver, and we would love to answer any questions you have!